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The C.A. Carlin Experience

About C.A. Carlin

For almost 60 years, C.A. Carlin has been the leading privately held, sales agency that takes brands to new heights. Thanks to nimble growth and associations with our operating partners C.A. Fortune and C.A. Ferolie, we’ve been able to build brand value for our clients and offer a suite of services needed by any CPG company. Headquartered in Chicago, we have more than 300 associates and multiple offices throughout the country.

Our culture

C.A. Carlin is a full-service consumer brands agency committed to delivering revenue for brands, in real time, through all classes of trade. Since 1962, we’ve built industry relationships on a foundation of trust and action, turning information into insight, converting insight into programs, and driving programs that consistently deliver results on your timeline. We’ve never lost sight of the fact that it is local presence, ownership, and accountability that deliver the goods. Together with our operating partners C.A. Fortune and C.A. Ferolie, we’re continually supporting you in building brand value for your clients and customers.

The C.A. Carlin Leadership Team

  • Brad Carlin, Chairman & CEO
  • Jeff Mahler, President & COO
  • John Rutherford, President, Kroger Team
  • Andy Young, Managing Partner
  • Albert Vergilio, Managing Partner
  • John Scardina, Executive Vice President, Sales Operations
  • Thomas Braun, Senior Vice President, Mass Channel
  • Tricia Johnson, Senior Vice President, Drug Channel
  • Richard Lowell, Senior Vice President, Grocery Channel
  • Ray Peuler, Senior Vice President, Grocery Channel
  • Mary Beth Geraci, Senior Vice President, Alternative/Vending Channel
  • Tim Leonard, Vice President, Alternative Channels
  • Angela Angelilli, Vice President, Convenience Channel
  • Mark Metzger, Vice President, Marketing/Analytics
  • Andrew Hollis, Vice President, Corporate Operations
  • Mike Neeley, Vice President, Retail Operations

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